Healthy chocolate energy bites

I was recently talking to a colleague about sugar, specifically a chocolate cupcake, and how he believed that eating that cupcake was as bad for you as going outside and smoking 8 cigarettes. I would like to say he was exaggerating for effect, but I genuinely trust that is his belief! Whether it is true or not, it can not be disputed that refined sugar is, well, terrible for us.

Healthy banana oat pancakes

My go to ‘treat’ breakfast is pancakes, but since I’m on a journey of trying to reduce sugar intake as much as possible I really wanted to try and find a healthier alternative. Enter banana pancakes. I have to say I was slightly sceptical on how these would turn out, mainly around the texture. As it happens they are super delish, plus refined sugar free, dairy free and flour free.

Spiced pumpkin soup

Who’s been tempted to sit around and eat junk food whilst being stuck inside? I know I could do with a vege injection! This delish healthy soup is dairy free, a little spicy and all kinds of comforting.

Clean slaw

Out of all the ‘diets’ out there, the clean eating lifestyle is the most straightforward. Basically you eat food that is not processed,  not filled with fat or sugar, and is as natural as possible. It’s nothing fancy and new, in fact it’s pretty old school, which I love. I want lunch recipes that I…

Slightly healthier choc bubble slice

What constitutes healthy eating these days, the answer? No sugar. How easy is it to have NO sugar? Really bloody hard. My whole life it’s been eat dinner, have pudding. Taking away the eat pudding is like getting in the car and not putting a seat belt on, it just feels WRONG. I have been…