The girl behind the blog

For someone who writes a lot, I find it kind of hard to write a bio. So I’ll keep it simple.

I’m Claire, I’m from NZ. I’m 30 years old, Married, and have one cat Molly who receives a disproportionate amount of my attention and camera roll GB allocation. Hobbies include spending hours a day on Pinterest, and daydreaming.

What was it that made me start a blog? It was January 2016, I was at a point in my life where I was sick of staring at my office wall wishing I could be doing something I was passionate about. How had I chosen a path that was so far from what I had dreamed my one day career would be. I wanted to write, about beauty, about life.

I didn’t know anything about creating an online blog. I didn’t know any bloggers. I didn’t know if anyone would ever see what I would write. Despite all of that, I figured it out, and I wrote.

Years later, I am still here writing about beauty and all of the things I am passionate about. If you have stumbled across my blog, I hope that my words inspire you. Stay a while, lets talk xx


What I write about

My very first piece of makeup was given to me when I was a kid, it was one of those pretend eyeshadow palettes. I remember sitting in front of a mirror pushing my fingers into the pan, and running the product over my eyelids. As I looked back at my reflection, I searched for any trace of the turquoise colour, but found only a small shimmer. Working my way through the other 11 colours, it was the same thing over and over. Am I doing it wrong? A question I asked myself many times in the years to come! The first time I filled my eyebrows in (with glittery eyeshadow). The first (and 20th and 30th) time I attempted winged eyeliner. The first time I did someone else’s make up. Trial, and error. Practise makes perfect. 

I made many questionable choices, and purchased many crappy products. From dollar store eyeliner, to now a trained Makeup Artist, my love for all things beauty started as fascination and became a passion. It is the reason I started this blog, so I could share what I had learnt with others. Over time the beauty discussion on my blog has evolved, adding in my love for natural skincare, and self care moments.

My earliest memory of loving clothing is from my childhood, specifically having a tantrum because I needed to wear my zebra dress. And you know what? I still live in black and white clothing! What can I say, I knew what I liked even back then!

My style would best be described as minimalist chic. I’m less worried about following trends, and more focussed on dressing in what makes me feel confident.

I love a capsule wardrobe, so you’ll find lots of inspiration here on ways you can make the most of what you have.

I purchased a home with my husband when I was 22 years old. Why a bank agreed to give me a mortgage at that age I will never understand. That said, it is the best decision we’ve ever made. Having a home base is extremely important to me. It is my haven, and it’s where I do all my creating.

DIY is a forever job in our gorgeous 1950’s cottage, and imprinting our style on the place is something I am really excited to be sharing on my blog. Interior design and styling is something I think about almost constantly. If I’m not physically doing something creative, just seek out a comfy chair and you will find me on Pinterest looking at décor, not blinking, for hours.

Another of my favourite past times is hunting through Op shops for old furniture and things to restore. I swear I’m not a hoarder, I just always have a pile of things I’m going to get around to starting on.

You know what, I love eating. Can eating be a hobby? If so, it’s my favourite hobby. I would say I look forward to every meal or snack I eat. The people that say ”food is just fuel’ are just not my kind of people, you know? I believe that food should be enjoyed. I also believe that what we eat effects our entire well being, so finding, adapting and creating recipes that taste good and are good for us, is important to me.

I share recipes that I make at home, which have helped me to cut down sugar, eat more vege and live a healthier life without sacrificing the enjoyment of eating.