How I create my beach waves hair

I am a firm believer that beach waves ARE the sexiest hairstyle. It doesn’t matter how many days go by, they just keep looking better and better as they form that ‘lived in’ look.  Regardless of your hair length they are an effortlessly chic style perfect for any occasion. IMG_0507

All you need to create this look is:

  • Curling wand / Curling tong
  • Hair spray
  • Brush / comb
  • Texturising spray
  1. If you have long/ thick hair, start by clipping up the top section of your hair so you can start at the bottom
  2. Curl in 1 inch sections at a time. I like to start the curl round the top of my ears, and leave a couple of inches at the ends out
  3. Spray each curl with hairspray as you go
  4. Once you get to the front pieces curl away from your faceIMG_0211
  5. Once the curls have cooled, brush them out until you have reached the desired softness you wantIMG_0240
  6. Work in sections with your texturising spray, breaking up the curls with your fingers

You can take the look in whatever direction you like, if you want big voluminous waves work in some scrunching. IMG_0243If you prefer a more tamed look, lightly run your fingers through the lengths to smooth it out.IMG_0483

Voila, sexy hair for days!

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  1. chelseasguide says:

    Love this post! I have really long hair but I’m so bad at styling it! Everything I do falls out so quickly! Definitely going to give this one a try though xxx

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