Review // W7 // Bronzing base

My dilemma on ‘no make up’ make up days is what to use over my BB cream to add a bit of colour back to my face. Bronzing powders tend to skip on dewy skin, and are alot harder to blend. And so, the hunt began for a cream bronzer. I came across this W7 bronzing base, which claims to be a dupe for Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel. It’s quite a claim, I mean..Chanel. Unfortunately I can’t tell you if it’s a dupe or not, because I don’t own anything Chanel, let alone a $70 Chanel bronzer. What I can tell you, is whether this $12 W7 bronzer is any good!IMG_7959Once I watched a few dupe video’s saying it WAS very similar to the Chanel one, I knew I had to have it. I managed to find it online at That was the ONLY place I could get it from. It took a couple of weeks to arrive, but.. it was so worth the wait.IMG_7961It comes in a frosted plastic jar with a screw top lid which is very tidy and great for carrying in a handbag or for travel. The texture is similar to a cream pan foundation. I decided to use my ELF small stippling brush with this as it’s a synthetic bristle, in a nice small size. It’s the perfect brush for this, if I do say so myself! IMG_7969The quality of the product itself is very high end. Unbelievably so. If I didn’t know this was W7, I would have believed it was Chanel. It blends EFFORTLESSLY into the skin, perfect pigment, perfectly even.IMG_7964The colour is more on the warm side, and has a very slight sheen to it. I love that it comes across very natural on the skin, so it works perfectly with light make up looks. You can definitely build this up for a heavier bronze too. IMG_7967img_7728Overall I am super happy with this purchase. It’s really easy to use, is very convenient and the finish is really beautiful. Definitely worth $12, and definitely a great dupe for a high end product!

claire xo






    • It comes out nice in my images, blends well into the skin so not too obvious. Definitely translates more warm toned!


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