MOTD // Fake freckles +fluttery lashes

Sometimes I see make up looks that really inspire me beyond just ‘liking’ an image and forgetting about it. I saw a look on pinterest, saved it as my screen saver and obsessed over it for days until I re-created it myself. It’s actually a very simple make up look, but ultra sexy and a little bit cute. Who doesn’t want to be sexy AND cute right? freckles

Here it is in all it’s glory! The thing I love most about it is the way the eyes are elongated by the lashes, and really stand out against the rest of this paired back look. The smudged out lash line and basic one colour shadow was really easy to create. And the freckles? Easier than you would think! img_7022Here is my re-creation. I have to say, I know my angles, and front on chin up ain’t it for me! This was the closest I could get to the original image without looking like a toe. Anyway…I love how it turned out, so here’s the how to. img_7015Starting with the skin, I used the gorgeous RCMA foundation palette mixed with my new L.A girl white foundation (review is coming!) for a fresh skin like look. I used a TINY bit of bronzer and Milani Luminoso blush to give a flush to the cheeks. I created freckles by dipping my Real techniques liner brush into some brown brow powder, dotting along my nose, then pressing my finger over the top to diffuse the colour. EASY!img_6987For the eyeshadow base I used a mustard shade from the Morphe 35O palette (see the shade in this post) bringing the colour into the crease, over the whole lid and slightly up in the inner corner area, then lower lash line. For liner I used a dark brown gel liner to create a wing, then smudged along the edge with a dark brown shadow, then did the same along the lower lash line. img_6981The lashes are Ardell individual knot free flares in ‘short’. I used those for the outer third of my eyes, then used a couple of the medium length right at the outer eye to give the elongated look. The lips are just lined lightly with Rock ‘n’ Rose lipliner by Jordana, to define the shape. img_6982If I had time to apply false lashes everyday, I would wear this look 100%. The lashes take it from basic pretty, to eye catching. The freckles were just for fun, but I’m a bit in love with those too!

claire xo



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