RCMA foundation palette

Is this palette the most intimidating piece of make up you’ve ever seen? It was for me. As I’ve mentioned in a lot of my recent blogs, I’m building up my make up artist kit, which is no small feat and certainly no small price! I tossed back and forth on what to do for kit foundation as it’s one of the most, if not THE most important item in my opinion. After a lot of research, I settled on the RCMA VK#11 foundation palette. RCMA as a brand, have had rave reviews from some very respected, talented, and experienced make up artists, so I figured if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me!img_5784As a make up artist you need to come prepared for anything and everything, so finding versatile products is really important, hence why I settled on getting a palette instead of individual foundations. The 18 colours range from fair to deep with undertones of cool neutral or warm, meaning this has practically any colour you could need. Prior to my knowledge of palettes, I thought there’s only such a tiny amount in there, how could you get more than one application?! Well, that is the beauty of this palette, it’s made with 50% pigment ratio. That does sound like level 100 cake face, but it’s truly the most opposite thing. img_5786
This foundation is made from vegetable oil, pure waxes and pigment. That’s it. No nasties. Most of our beloved store bought foundations are 18-23% pigment, so the RCMA can give a much higher coverage with much less product, leaving you with what the brand describe as a ‘second skin’ appearance. Because I had never used a high pigment palette before, I needed to do a lot of research on how to use it, and now that I’ve had plenty of practice, it’s time to share my review and tips!
img_5782Firstly, the foundation is in a somewhat ‘solid’ form, so you need to use a foundation spatula to scrape out the required amount and warm it up so it will blend on smoothly. Some artists will use the back of their hand since the warmth helps the process along. Clearly if you use that technique with one or multiple clients you will need to be very sanitary. You can also use a mixing palette and work the product around to
soften it up.img_5783FULL FACE APPLICATIONimg_6111img_6114A tip I came across for thinning the product out is using a small amount of the RCMA pre foundation lotion. This creates a more fluid consistency and is particularly good for a lighter coverage. I do use this to moisturize and then prime as normal too. I have also mixed luminous primers and other moisturizers with the RCMA to create different finishes, which is another reason this foundation is so versatile. img_5792For application, there are different options because it blends SO incredibly well. If I am applying it on myself I like to use my ring finger to really melt the foundation into my skin, then use a sponge to press and blend it in further. For clients I like to apply it with a flat foundation brush then use a sponge.

BARE SKIN in natural lightingimg_6104RCMA FOUNDATION in natural lightingimg_6156I was intrigued by the description of it being a second skin appearance, and I have to say I completely agree. As you can see it’s not matte or dewy, it’s more satin, like skin. I can still see my skin with it on, yet it covers redness and spots in an almost undetectable way. Witch craft I tell you! Because the foundation is such high coverage, you can also use it as a concealer, which blends seamlessly, and you have so many shades to get the perfect match. I don’t find it necessary to powder or set this product because you need such a small amount so nothing is slipping around and it lasts incredibly well. If you have oily skin a small amount of translucent powder is all you need. img_6158On the point of colours, I need to mention one shade in this palette OL-2 ( third row, 5th shade in) It’s a cool tone colour that is officially THE best contour shade I’ve ever used. EVER. It’s like painting a shadow on my face, with the perfect amount of cool tone minus a muddy grey look. Perfection!

ALMOST UNDETECTABLEimg_6165Clearly the everyday person is not going to need 18 colours, so you can buy this foundation in 5 shade palettes which will give you enough variation to suit your skin tone year round. The 18 pan palette is said to give you 10-15 applications per shade, but that will depend on how much you use. You can also purchase the shades individually, so topping up your palette as needed is easy.

I’m completely obsessed with this foundation. I actually needed to stop myself from writing or I would just go on forever! It’s so incredibly beautiful, and really is the perfect product for enhancing your complexion rather than masking it. I’m completely happy with my decision to have this in my kit, and I highly recommend it for any make up artist or make up lover!

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  1. Your eyes are soo pretty! Also why have I only just found your blog? I love it! Followed 🙂 X

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Oh thanks hun thats really nice! 🙂 x

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  2. I’ve considered this palette before, but like you, was not sure how long the palette would last with such small pans… you’ve sold it to me well, definitely on my wish list now! X

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      I’m loving it so much! It just works on everyone and it puts my mind at ease having so many shades 🙂 x


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