Review // Nars // Pore refining primer

As I see age 27 closing in, I am starting to notice a few things about myself that weren’t there before. I found a grey hair on my head the other day. I plucked it out in denial because I’m way too young for that. It was a rouge hair, and I am certain no more will dare to pop back up for another few years, at least that’s what I told the grey hair. A minor case of enlarged pores and fine lines are another treat of late, so the hunt for a no nonsense primer began. img_4954
I settled on the NARS pore refining primer. As the name would suggest it claims to minimize the look of pores.  My recent review of the Becca backlight primer was mostly positive, but I did mention it didn’t do much for helping with my T zone which gets oily throughout the day, so I’m hoping the fact that this is oil free will help. I haven’t used any NARS products before, but it’s another painfully expensive brand here, so I’m hoping it’s worth the money. I adore the NARS style, it’s very sleek and professional looking with Matte black packaging and white writing. This primer is in a 30ml squeeze tube, so I’m praying it doesn’t ever get squashed inside a bag or I’ll loose the lot. The product itself is a milky colour, and is very thin and lightweight. img_4951On application it absorbs almost straight away, so you need to work quickly as it does set down. As soon as I apply it, I can see and feel an almost tightening effect, though it’s not uncomfortable. As far as the pore refining claim goes, I say yes. I expected that this primer would just fill the pores, but it actually does refine and make them appear smaller. It makes the skin look smooth, but is neither matte or dewy so it would be suitable for different skin types. My foundation glides over nicely and it definitely looks smoother with this primer underneath, particularly around the nose area where my larger pores are, and I also notice less foundation settling into my smile lines. img_4952Keep in mind, I apply my make up at 7am, and normally by 1pm the oil in my T zone is coming through. Because I normally use luminous primers, they seem to create extra ‘slick’ in that area forcing me to powder. This primer doesn’t add extra oil, so it’s better at keeping things under control. This isn’t a mattifying primer, so unfortunately it doesn’t stop the oil coming through altogether, but I do notice I need far less powder which is great.

So does it work? Yes. It does what it says it’s going to do, it smooths the skin and refines the look of pores. I’ve been using this as my everyday primer, as it has a nice finish and works well with all my foundations whether they are dewy, satin or matte. This is an all round reliable primer, especially for those looking to target problem areas. Got to love when an expensive product pays off!

claire xo


I purchased this primer from 🙂



    • I actually haven’t tried the benefit porefessional yet, so I dont know personally how they compare. From what I’ve heard other people say it sounds like Benefit is more matte than the Nars! X

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  1. Amazing post! I normally use the benefit porefessional primer but I’ve been looking for an alternative product! Might try this out!
    I would appreciate it if you could check out my new beauty blog! Thanks 💜

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