Beginners guide // Eyeshadow brushes

When I was a young teenager my go to look was black liner on my waterline, bright blue eyeshadow (not blended, cringe) and clumped mascara. Foundation was whatever I could get my hands on, applied with my fingers. These days I need an extra travel bag for my make up, and an assortment of brushes to get the job done. Most teenagers these days are pretty lucky to have a head start on all this stuff, so this post is for anyone feeling a little behind! I’ve put together my favourite eye brushes that I use daily, as well as what I use them for.

Morphe //  M441IMG_3641This brush is fluffy, but tapered, so you can apply colour and blend out really well. I use this for applying lighter crease colours, and blending throughout. I got mine from for around NZ$8.00. Morphe brushes are amazing quality and very budget friendly, so if you are just starting out with make up (or if you just love a good brush!), I highly recommend this brand.



Zoeva //  227 Soft definer IMG_3633This brush is great for applying a mid tone shade into the crease as it deposits more colour, but is less fluffy than the m441 therefore the eyeshadow doesn’t get blown out too quickly. It’s got a flatter shape so you can get into the crease nicely and blend as you go. It’s also great for sweeping a colour across the lid if you just want something simple.


Zoeva // 231 Petit creaseIMG_3634I use this for adding the darkest colour into the crease for depth. It’s very controlled so I like this for the outer V, and the lower lash line.


Zoeva // 230 pencilIMG_3637I use this for running a dark shadow along my upper lash line in place of gel liners, as it gives a softer look. It’s also great for defining work like a cut crease or adding further depth to the outer V of the eye.


All the Zoeva brushes are from a bigger set I purchased off Beauty for around NZ$122.00, but you can get them individually as well.IMG_2000

Good brushes make all the difference in how your make up turns out. It’s important to blend eyeshadows so you don’t have harsh lines as it gives a more professional look. The right brushes can be versatile, so don’t stress too much about what the brush is ‘meant’ to be for, make up is an art form, so be creative and have fun!

claire xo



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