How to style your home on a budget

I don’t leave the décor in our home the same for very long, which could be an expensive habit to have. Fortunately for my bank account, I am a real squirrel and have come up with ways of changing things up without having to spend too much money. If you are looking for some inspiration…

How to create a cozy bed for fall

Just when I was thinking about changing up my home décor for Autumn I came across this dreamy, rust coloured, linen duvet, that just happened to be on sale. It was fate, and love at first sight. Rust and all the colours associated with this season absolutely speak to me, which in itself is unusual…

How to give yourself a brow lift with makeup

This year I was welcomed to the 30’s club, and from here forth I shall watch my face droop slowly towards the floor. If you are 30+ or heading rapidly in that direction, you too have probably stood in front of your mirror pulling the skin on your face upwards to where it used to be, wondering when this all happened. Never fear, i’m here to give you the best advice on how you can fix that without any needles.

Capsule wardrobe #1: Checkered skirt

This checkered skirt is something I saw and knew immediately that I wanted as part of my Autumn / Winter wardrobe. I don’t typically wear mini skirts, but paired with stockings in the cooler months makes it feel less risqué. You might typically think of checkered skirts as being a bit circa ’99 Britney Spears, but losing the pleats and going with a straight cut makes the piece way more updated and versatile.

Healthy chocolate energy bites

I was recently talking to a colleague about sugar, specifically a chocolate cupcake, and how he believed that eating that cupcake was as bad for you as going outside and smoking 8 cigarettes. I would like to say he was exaggerating for effect, but I genuinely trust that is his belief! Whether it is true or not, it can not be disputed that refined sugar is, well, terrible for us.